Homo Driver is an on-demand Taxi Application service provided into the location Brazil. Passengers have feature to register by entering their mobile number. Passenger will select their starting point from the map & set their destination by setting location pin. According to the selection of the type of car, passenger will view the application fare amount. By tapping book option, all the nearby drivers will receive the request of ride. Driver will accept the request of ride and passenger will get the notification of the same. Once driver complete the ride, passenger will receive the notification of the completion of the ride. Passenger have feature to make online payment of the same.

Driver can mange all the ride information and information about its earning from its mobile app. Driver requires to register with all its valid documents with admin (outside the system). Driver will also receive regular update from admin about the earnings.

Platform admin can manage the platform from its web back-end panel. Platform Admin mainly view passengers, drivers, ride information, transactions, vehicle types, fare information and other required information.